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Rated a top 10 podcast on iTunes in over 20 countries and counting and running for 5 years with more than 175 episodes, "Raising a Powerful Girl" is your go-to resource for support in Raising Girls today for holistic and spiritual based parents. Raising a Powerful Girl Podcast downloads are in the top 5% of ALL podcasts globally.

What they are Saying 

What they are Saying 

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Rest, Reflect, Rejoice: A Guide to Balance in the Holiday Hustle

Welcome back to another episode of our podcast! If you’re a new listener, a warm welcome to you. I’m thrilled to have you join our community. As we dive into this episode, I can’t help but acknowledge that we’re right in the midst of the holiday season. Fall is winding down here in the northern

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Hey Daughter! Blame Your Good Behavior on Me!

This week on the podcast we discuss a powerful technique for parents to help their daughters navigate peer pressure and risky behaviors during their teenage years. The technique involves encouraging daughters to attribute their decisions to their parents’ rules and expectations, essentially using their parents as a scapegoat to resist undesirable situations or behaviors. By

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Steps to Creating Closer Communication with your Daughter

On this recent podcast episode we’re going to dive deep into the topic of raising a powerful girl and the importance of building a strong and close relationship with your daughter. As a parent, it’s crucial to reflect on your own experiences as a teenager and how they shape your parenting style. It’s essential to understand

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Look for the Shimmers | Celebrating our 200th episode!

It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago, my desire to do better for myself and my daughters, and my wish to help other mothers raising daughters, led to the launch of this podcast. I never expected to stick with it for so long or to have the massive impact and global reach that I’ve

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When things just don’t feel “right” at school – Following your Intuition and Advocacy

On this weeks podcast, Maria shares a deeply personal story about her journey of discovering her daughter’s learning differences and disabilities, including dyslexia, convergence insufficiency, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. She emphasizes the importance of listening to intuition, advocating for your child, and seeking proper testing and evaluation from qualified professionals. Maria’s journey began when her

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New School Year| New Vibe! Tips and Tricks to create deeper connections with your daughter this year!

This weeks podcast provides valuable insights and practical advice for moms seeking to foster deeper connections with their daughters and support them through the challenges of the upcoming school year. Maria emphasizes the importance of setting expectations and separating one’s own experiences and story from those of one’s child, recognizing that the child’s success is

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Are you Problem Focused or Solutions Oriented? One makes all the difference

This weeks podcast we’re going to discuss the difference between being problem-focused or solutions-oriented. Initially, this concept may seem daunting, but understanding it can be transformative, especially if you’re looking to build a deeper connection with your daughter. This is something I’ve personally implemented, and it has made a big impact. It takes time to

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It’s Me, Hi, I’m the problem, It’s Me

Today we’re going to dive into a topic that may be difficult, but is essential to the growth and development of our daughters: self-reflection. Specifically, we’re going to discuss how our actions as parents can affect our daughters and their behavior, and how we can use this knowledge to create a better relationship with them

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The power of your thoughts and the language you use

Our mindset and the language we use can greatly impact our everyday lives, and it’s a topic that I frequently address when working with moms, whether in a group setting or one-on-one. Let’s dive deeper into the science behind mindset and language. Our subconscious is incredibly powerful. For example, my daughter Alexa has ADHD and is

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Moody Daughter? Mental Checklist and How to Help

The teenage years can be a challenging time for both parents and teenagers. Mood swings, irritability, and emotional ups and downs are common during this period of life. However, understanding why a teenager is moody is the first step in helping them manage their emotions and navigate this difficult time. On this podcast episode, Maria

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