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Rated a top 10 podcast on iTunes in over 20 countries and counting and running for 5 years with more than 175 episodes, "Raising a Powerful Girl" is your go-to resource for support in Raising Girls today for holistic and spiritual based parents. Raising a Powerful Girl Podcast downloads are in the top 5% of ALL podcasts globally.

What they are Saying 

What they are Saying 

Some of our Recent Most Listened to Episodes

Moody Daughter? Mental Checklist and How to Help

The teenage years can be a challenging time for both parents and teenagers. Mood swings, irritability, and emotional ups and downs are common during this period of life. However, understanding why a teenager is moody is the first step in helping them manage their emotions and navigate this difficult time. On this podcast episode, Maria

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Why does my daughter cry so much?

As moms, we all want to protect our daughters and make sure they’re happy and healthy. However, one of the biggest concerns moms have is when their daughters cry a lot. It can be hard to see our daughters upset and we often want to fix the problem right away. But what if I told

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5 Reasons your Tween or Teen Daughter Lies to You

This weeks topic is teens and lying. As parents, we all want to develop a deep sense of trust and communication with our children, but sometimes we struggle with issues of trust, especially when it comes to our daughters. One of the main reasons for this is lying. It can be difficult to understand why

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The little thing that is DESTROYING communication with your daughter – a small tweak to make Massive change

In this podcast episode, host Maria Fuller highlights the importance of avoiding text messaging when communicating with your daughter. She explains that text messaging lacks tone and body language, which are crucial components of effective communication. The absence of tone and body language can lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding between the parties involved. Maria suggests setting

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Emotional Spirals- Don’t get sucked into the vortex

This weeks Podcast episode serves as a helpful guide for parents who are navigating the complexities of raising daughters. Maria emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and how it plays a crucial role in parent-child relationships. Maria provides valuable insights on how parents can foster positive and effective communication with their daughters, while also recognizing

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Helping Girls Build Healthy Relationships with Food

In this episode, we’ll be discussing how to talk to your daughters about food and nutrition. As a parent, it can be challenging to navigate the world of food and nutrition with your children, especially when there’s so much conflicting information out there. However, teaching your children about food and nutrition is important so that

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Your Perception Creates Your Reality With Your Daughter

Episode Summary During this weeks episode, Maria shares a thought-provoking podcast where she tells a story about dealing with her daughter’s behavior during her birthday party. She had spent a week planning and preparing for the party, but as the celebration went on, her daughter’s mood started to decline, and she became snippy and cranky with

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Helping Girls Push Past Fear – Tips and Tricks

Episode Summary On this podcast episode Maria discusses the challenging topic of how to help children push past fear and anxiety in stressful situations. Maria shares a personal story about her daughter’s experience joining a swim team at the age of 13 and how she helped her daughter navigate the fear and anxiety that came along

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The Link between Social Media and Girls Mental Health Crisis and more

Episode Summary As parents, it is essential to acknowledge and think about the impact of social media usage on our kids. The rise of social media has significantly impacted our children’s mental health, and it’s vital to understand the risks associated with social media and cellphone usage. Studies show that there has been an increase of

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Sassy Pants, Walking on Eggshells and the Teen ‘tude

Episode Summary As a parent, you play a crucial role in shaping your daughter’s communication skills, which are essential for building strong relationships and navigating the challenges of adolescence. While external factors like media and modeling from others can influence your daughter’s communication abilities, your behavior and approach to communication are the most significant factors in

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