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Hey there! 

So you've spent some time reading a little bit about me and my beliefs and your feeling a little "Nerve-cited"?! This is what Alexa likes to call when you are excited about something but nervous as well! I love this word because it captures the energy that we often feel but are not sure what to do with. I always tell her to harness that energy and push it towards action as it's a great propellent.

So below are some ways you and/or your daughter might push some of that Nerve-cited energy into action with me.

And if you don't specifically see what you are looking for, reach out because I love co-creating new ways of working together!

You are looking to learn

If you are on the beginning of your journey and you are looking to learn more, your not quite ready to take a leap yet and create massive action, than my podcast is a great resource for you to start to get the wheels turning and hopefully spark some hope that you aren't alone on this journey. You can check out the podcast which has been on the iTunes top 10 list in over 20 countries and growing internationally! 

Motherhood Mentorship

Work with me 1:1. Why? You have a specific problem you are trying to tackle. You are looking for privacy, 1:1 support and to create massive action at lightening speed NOW!

Mentorship packages starts at $295

Contact me for more info and a 15 min consult call to see if we are a good fit to work together

Motherhood Metamorphis

If you are looking for connection and community then my 12 week motherhood mentorship journey might be the right place for you. 

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Looking for an online workshop either live or at your own time? Click below to find out more

Girl Empowerment Session

The Empowered Girl Experience seeks to remind girls of who they are and the answers they have within. Using a methodology with foundations in the Socratic Method we show girls how they have many answers within themselves and how we believe that they have amazing ideas and insights and can change the world. 

Based in CT available for travel

Motherhood Sessions

Show your daughter you love your body so that she may love her ownTell her stories of each stretch mark, physical scar and emotional bonds that almost broke you so that she embraces her own and doesn’t break when she falls. We all fall down at sometime, but it is HOW WE RISE from the depth of our despair that determines our storySHOW her she doesn't need a prince but she will be her own hero to save herself when you do the same for yourself.

Based in CT available for travel