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Mean girls, BFF’s, No friends, the drama, OH MY!
 Navigating friendships and relationships with your daughter can be a rollercoaster of emotions and more.  

Join me on this 90+ minute workshop where we dive into the dynamic of friendships and relationships with girls from elementary school through adulthood.

  • The importance of Self identity and evolving identity and how it pertains to friendships
  • Makeup-breakup friendship cycle
  • Mean Girls (Brief touch on bullying behavior)
  • How to help your daughter make better friend choices without telling her she is making bad choices 
  •  What does a healthy friend dynamic look like
  • Why does a healthy social life look like
  •  Supporting the quiet, shy or neurodivergent girl
  • Separating your own friendship trauma and stories from your daughters so you don't project your fears onto her
  •  How to proactively talk to your daughter about friendships
  • How to deal with friendship breakups and the meltdowns after
  • What to do if your daughter is in between peer group and finds herself with little friends
  • How to help her find her circle
  • When to look for professional support
  •  Activities to do with your daughter
  • Scripted language to use

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