It takes a Village

It's not easy being a parent and even more so without having a group of people to surround yourself with. For over 15 years I've been working with women of all ages to support them on their journey. In honor of our 200th podcast episode I'm offer a few spots to work with me at a special rate. If you are struggling, looking for support, connection, someone to hold space and help guide you towards your deepest wishes, now is the time.

Sending so much love, 



A Few reasons why parents work with me

  • They are tired, frustrated and overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin to shift things
  • They are frustrated communicating with their daughter
  • Their daughter is pushing them away
  • Their daughter is struggling and socially anxious or has anxiety
  • They proactively want to communicate with their daughter better
  • They get angry and frustrated easily
  • They want more tools in their toolbox
  • They want help reframing situations and strategies
  • Bullying issues
  • Advocating in school
  • Working with a neurodivergent child
  • Interested in Homeschooling but don't know where to being 

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I have worked with Maria for years. She has an amazing ability to help moms connect with their daughter using simple practical tools. Every time I talk with her I learn something new that when I apply it, it changes the dynamic of my relationship with my daughter for the better. She has helped me believe in myself when I felt like a failure as a mother. She is a kindred spirit who always knows what my heart needs to hear. Thank you, Maria

Susanna, L

I have worked with therapists and other coaches for years but none have given me more understanding of my self and my daughter than Maria. She has the ability to go back to basics and show me that sometimes the simplest of change can be the most effective. She has an arsenal of tools and knowledge in so many areas and genuinely cares about helping mothers and their daughters. Getting off a call with her I feel supported and empowered to tackle the hardest of challenges and my relationship with my daughter has changed before my eyes. She is a hidden gem and a must have in your toolbox.

Caroline, R