Why are you here? 

What are you searching for?

What has called you to this space?

Well, I can tell you that I know that if you are here and you are listening, you are looking for expansion.

What does that mean?

You are looking for something different. Maybe you know what that is, but maybe you don't. Maybe it's just a feeling inside of you that says, something needs to change. I want something more. I want something different, or I don't like this anymore. How can I shift?

Knowing WHY is the key to that fulfillment 

When you are really clear on your intention than you are a magnet for miracles

The intention of this workshop is to get really clear on your core desired feelings and how it relates to you, your home and work life balance, clearing away activities, emotions or experiences that no longer serve you and allow space for divinely guided opportunities and shifts to come through and create an action plan to take Inspired action on all that you are manifesting.

You might be thinking but WHY is this important when Raising A Powerful Girl? I'm not here for me, I'm here for her. It's not about me...

Actually you're here because you want something different for your daughter. You are seeking something that you did not have as a child or as an adult right now, and the answer lies within you. It will always be within you. It has always been within you.

When you learn to do all of these things, then you can actually lead your daughter.

Breaking cycles happens over two generations. It's you and your daughter, so what will it be this year? What will you disrupt? What is possible? What do you want to change? If you aren't a little scared or a little nervous when you're thinking about the things that you wanna shift, then you're not thinking big.

THIS is what Sparking Embers is all about. It's about clarity and creating that spark that will burn into a full blown fire once it's nourished and flamed.

Will you join me?

  • Four- 75 Minute LIVE weekly calls (Calls are recorded if you aren't able to make it live, no stress mama I know you are busy) 
  • Some light journaling during the week so that we can dive into the questions and come up with action plans and strategies on our calls 
  • My goal is to focus on the group needs and allow to pivot and focus on areas that the group as a whole is showing that the need, this makes each group and experience I run unique

What to Expect

  • Expect to meet other mamas similar to yourself and enter a space where you FINALLY feel seen, heard and like you belong
  • Expect to uncover some truths that you have buried and make connections and have "A- ha" moments and gain clarity on what you want and how you can achieve it
  • Expect to find kindred spirits that you will continue to have relationships with long past this experience
  • Expect to finally find your circle of Soul-Sparking Women and for you to begin a new cycle and journey of manifesting your hearts desires
  • Expect to see your relationship with your daughter and children from a different light and to gain new skills and techniques to create new healthy dialogue and connections

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