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Momo Challenge and Cyber Safety
This week social media and news reports have been filled with stories on the radical “Momo-Challenge” which has said to have infiltrated[...]
Brave like a Girl | Open Adoption and Two AWESOME Dads
My daughter and I were playing. She was the doctor, and I was her patient. She pretended to give me[...]
Empowering Families and Children with Pets
They often say that a dog is a man or in our case a girls best friend! Pets can provide[...]
The Fear of Change and the POWER of Self-Love
Girls are impressionable, especially when they're in their young adult years. Teaching them the value of self worth is one[...]
Un-Masking the Girl – Finding your Authentic Self
Knowing your authentic self is so important but with the layers and masks put on us by society and our[...]
I Am Initiative
If you don't love yourself and live confidently into your thoughts and feelings you can not impact positive change in[...]

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