There are days that are heavy and thick like morning fog clouding our visions and making it hard to see past our own bodies and selves. For so many girls, starting at a young age, we become so engrossed with our own feelings and emotions and what is going on for us that it becomes hard to see past ourselves. I remember being younger and going through some challenging times, the typical girl drama, bullying, perfectionism and high standards I had allowed society to place on myself, that I felt at many times that I wasn’t adequate, that I didn’t belong in the world and that I didn’t matter. As an entrepreneur later on in life so many of these feelings resurfaced for me and it was like being sucked back into the emotional turmoil of the teenage years. What I slowly learned and discovered was to find people that would be beacons of light for me in my life to shine during the darkness. My close girlfriends, my children, my partner and more. I learned that in those moments when I felt like I was going to be swallowed whole by the darkness that the light was always there, I just had to look for it and re-connect with it. At the same time, I realized that in return, I was also a beacon of light for others and that my way of being, acting and showing up in the world impacted others as well.


For young girls, often times it’s hard for them to see past what is immediately in front of them. What we want girls to learn is that they have the ability to make a massive impact in the world with how they show up and how they help others. We want girls to find those who are beacons of light for them to help them during the dark time but also remember that they are beacons of light for others. Imagine if girls lived life in the manner, searching for the light when they needed and shinning the light for others when they need it. What we would create would be this incredible community of shimmering lights that would light up the world.

XO Maria