Episode Summary

During this weeks episode, Maria shares a thought-provoking podcast where she tells a story about dealing with her daughter's behavior during her birthday party. She had spent a week planning and preparing for the party, but as the celebration went on, her daughter's mood started to decline, and she became snippy and cranky with people. Maria had two paths she could take in response to her daughter's behavior, one that would break down trust, and one that would build it.

Maria emphasizes the importance of understanding each child's individual needs and taking a step back to gain more information before responding. She encourages mothers to pause and think, "What am I not seeing here? What information do I need to look at or ask for before I respond?" This approach can help mothers choose the path that builds trust and safety, which is key in raising a powerful girl.

One of the major themes of the podcast episode is the idea that perception creates reality. Maria highlights the importance of understanding our own perceptions and how they shape our reality, how we interpret the world around us, and our responses to it. She talks through the story of the mother and daughter to illustrate how our perceptions can shape our reactions to difficult situations with our children.

Maria also stresses the need for self-care and community support as a mother. She acknowledges that dealing with a child's difficult behavior can be emotionally draining and that it's important to put more back into oneself emotionally and energetically. 

This podcast episode offers valuable insights into the challenges of raising powerful girls, and the importance of understanding and meeting each child's individual needs, taking a step back to gain more information, and practicing self-care and seeking community support. By doing so, mothers can navigate difficult situations with their children and build trust and safety, which are key in raising powerful girls who are confident, resilient, and successful.

Action Items

  • Check in with your daughter if she's feeling overwhelmed or upset
  • Ask questions to understand what might be causing her behavior
  • Start with understanding her internal environment (hormones, hunger, etc.)
  • Use music to shift the energy and mood
  • Create a safe and comfortable space for daughter to feel understood and loved
  • Take a step back and pause before responding to a situation
  • Choose a path that builds trust and makes daughter feel safe and understood
  • Give back to yourself emotionally and energetically to avoid depletion