Un-Masking the Girl – Finding your Authentic Self

Knowing your authentic self is so important but with the layers and masks put on us by society and our own upbringing it can be hard to uncover who we really are at our core? So how do we raise girls to really know what hey are and not allow these layers and masks to be put on in the first place?

Belkis Clarke-Mitcham is a motivational speaker and spiritual life coach who helps women over 25 who have lived through trauma to identify their prisons, break free, and unleash their unique light. A survivor of sexual abuse, Belkis has risen from a place of attempted suicide to success. In more than a decade she has helped many individuals.
Belkis holds a bachelor’s in English and a minor in Communication and an M. A. in Human Communication. Now she spends her time helping sexual abuse survivors move past the trauma to rediscover value and purpose. She also help many women who have experienced other trauma to break free of what imprisons them and live in their freedom boldly and apologetically.  When she is not helping women find their happiness and authenticity after trauma she is helping other women transform their lives by finding clarity, discovering purpose and learning to love and live who they truly are. As a mother to a little girl herself Belkis is an expert on helping women to unmarks and unleash their true authentic selves and provides incredible insight on how she is raising her daughter free of masks.