The Myth of the Starving Artist – A Tale of Empowerment

Miriam Schulman has made her living as a professional artist for over 15 years. In addition to selling paintings, she also teaches her techniques through her online site, the Inspiration Place and is the host of a top-rated podcast of the same name. Schulman abandoned a hedge fund career after witnessing the devastation of 911 to work on her art full time. Rejecting the starving artist myth, her watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on NBC, published in art magazines & home decor books and collected worldwide. In addition, New York museums have carried her artistic accessories in their gift shops. She has been published in art magazines such as Art of Man, Art Journaling Magazine by Stampington and is a regular contributor to Professional Artist magazine. She is a host of her own podcast, The Inspiration Place, a podcast for artists to learn how to market and sell their art; and for other people who want to become artists quiet their inner critic and reconnect with their lost creativity. On today’s Podcast Interview we talk about why we have to stop telling our daughters that they can’t make a living doing what they want to do! Miriam’s daughter is pursuing a degree in music education and neither of them listened when naysayers said that she should pursue a liberal arts degree instead. Miriam talks about how if you have a daughter who wants to become an artist the best thing you can do is help her develop the skills she needs to pursue that. We also talk about how the stories and criticisms we hear early in life become our limiting self-belief.
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