The Empowered Home School Experience

Homeschooling can be an empowering avenue for raising powerful girls.

Trained in nature-based coaching and permaculture design, Katie is passionate about homesteading and connecting with nature as a vehicle for living her own version of what Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls “the handmade life”. Katie on a mission to empower herself and others to create a sustainable, custom-made life that empowers every person in the family and sacrifices no one. These individual choices also end up helping build more sustainable, compassionate communities and a regenerative planet as well.

By designing our own hand-made live, spending our times on exploring curiosities and building on strengths instead of constantly focusing on deficits, discontinuing the pattern of hammering the square peg in the round hole, we create a new pattern and platform for our children to share their gifts and connect with the world.

More than just catering to her girls, Katie has found homeschooling to be a powerful vehicle for living life on her own terms as well, and making sure their life reflects and is aligned with their deepest values and intuition.