Teaching Girls the Creative Process as a Foundation for Problem Solving and Future Success

An accountant turned creative Jane Harbison is a perfect example of how tapping into your natural strengths and doing what you love can reward you multiple times over.
Raising confident creative girls is important to Jane and she has built a business around it. At school, Jane felt she had to be able to support herself. She didn’t want to be reliant on her parents. They had already worked so hard to give her amazing opportunities and put her through school.

Jane knew accounting was a good option – you can always use accountancy and get a job with it. So she made subject choices at school that she thought would help her get a good TE Score – maths, chemistry, French. Problem was she was really good at art, home economics (particularly clothes design/fabrics) and history. She likes to talk with girls about the importance of combining what they love and what they are good at in order to be successful in the world.

Jane is the founder of Dreaming Big for Little Girls where she uses creativity to teach the creative process. The creative process is a clever problem-solving tool. She has been interviewed by The Australian, ABC Radio and other city and regional newspapers and business groups on her unique initiatives for girls. She has been involved in the governance of independent schools for nearly 15 years. She is also passionate about advancing rural women and girls and is past Chair, Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women.


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