Sharing Stories to Raise Feminist Boys

In 1998 Tanya Fox she started her own Accounting and Bookkeeping company in Ottawa, Ontario specializing in startup and small businesses. In 2005 she got news she was waiting years for! She was expecting her first child. She left her career behind to focus on being a full-time Mom. After 1 year her family begged her to go back to work as she was driving everyone nuts with knitted and crocheted items. She again, stepped into the President role at her accounting company and opened its first western branch in Camrose Alberta. She also stepped back into her role as Vice-President of Fox TaeKwon-Do Schools a 28 year old company owned by her husband. Her biggest passion is as a Speaker, Motivator, Podcaster and Collaborator who specializes in business education and how sharing your legacy can change your life and others.

Tanya Believes In raising powerful girls we also need to raise knowledgeable boys. Having an only child and a son has made Tanya want to be sure that she send him out into this world truly understanding that no matter what your background, race, or gender nothing should stop you from reaching your dreams but in that we also need to be the champions to help those that are struggling on the path and lift them up along their journey for one day we may need that hand up also. That it is not ok to only know what is right but that we must be willing to stand up and speak up against those that do not.