Screen Obsession and Addiction | Creating an Empowering Online Experience

​Honored with the distinguished “Emerging Leaders” award for her groundbreaking work and thought leadership in education from the prestigious organization, Phi Delta Kappa, Intl., Dr. Carroll teaches parents how to unglue their kids from video games and social media and participate in the real world again!
Dr. Carroll delivers actionable steps to parents in a simple format that even the busiest parents can follow and implement to make incredible progress in ending screen addiction at home.
Dr. Carroll has spent two decades in public education in New York State as a classroom teacher, elementary principal, director of literacy and assistant superintendent of schools.
She received the Elmer P. Schact Award for pioneering research in a doctoral program in the area of educational technology.
She was honored in Washington D.C. as one of the top 25 leaders in the nation for her innovative work in literacy and technology with secondary students.
Her new book reached #1 bestseller in 3 categories in 48 hours on Amazon this year:
Hooked on Screens: How to Get Your 5-14 Year Old to Put Down the Phones, Video Games and Electronic Devices and Pick Up a Book!
She is a sought-after speaker for summits, podcasts and radio shows, as well as national and international conferences in parenting and education.

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