Parenting through Presence | Hand in Hand Parenting

Marilupe de la Calle is the mother to two marvelous girls who inspire her to grow, be present and let go of fear every single day.
Very early on her parenting journey Marilupe found herself overwhelmed and lonely, oblivious of her own needs, and unsure about how to help her daughter with the intense emotions she was showing around the clock.
Then she discovered Hand in Hand Parenting and, with it, the good information, practical tools, and support she so desperately craved.
When laughter, sparkly eyes and healing for everyone in her family followed, she decided to become a certified instructor to share this gem with others and, since 2016, she enjoys empowering parents by sharing the beauty of the Parenting by Connection approach through online and in-person classes, consultations, talks and during rich, juicy conversations like the today