Mean Girls and Relational Aggression

​Today on the podcast we are joined by Dr. Kimberley Palmiotto

Dr. Kim has worked in the field of psychology and education for over 20 years. She is an educational psychologist and art therapist that focuses on education and awareness around emotional intelligence. She has made it a point to introduce and support families understand brain-based learning and how it influences a child's development and learning. Dr. Palmiotto has worked in both public and private school settings as well as in private practice with children, teens, and families helping them to learn techniques to create a more peaceful, fulfilled life at school and home.

Her most recent book is focused on relational aggression with girls; helping tween and teen girls understand how the social language of others can impact friendships to ultimately increase more self-awareness and confidence in themselves. She is a mom of 4 girls herself and currently works as a coach and counselor to help families through parent training and coaching programs for the whole family.

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