What if  you could continue to speak and share your message while building a global audience looking for the information you have to share?

What if  you have never considered yourself to be a speaker because large crowds or traveling didn't fit into your plan but you would love to connect with people all over the world sharing your message and helping people all over?

What if  growing a virtual global audience is exactly what you need to pivot and create a new launchpad for you to take off from, and help even more people that you thought was possible in a fun and easy way?

The world is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, opening up even more opportunity to connect with people all over the world virtually out of necessity and a deep desire of expansion. 

People just like you who once traveled from city to city sharing your wisdom and light with audiences have found themselves at the crossroads of where this great change will lead them, how will they continue to connect and do the work that they love and how will they best support those that are looking for the information they have to share in the privacy of their own homes.

​Meet Your Guides on this Incredible Journey

Brooke Emery

​Master Connector and Intuitive Business Strategist

Recognized by Forbes magazine as a connector, Brooke Emery is a creative business strategist with roots in advertising, publicity and film. She brings big vision and mixes it with intuition to connect her clients to key people and resources in her wide network to create business development strategies, partnerships and win-win-win joint ventures. Equally passionate about elevating profits, creating social impact, and bringing consciousness to the planet she helps her clients shift their mindset from a place of fear, overwhelm, and doubt to one of positive action and possibility.

Brooke will be doing business development, energy management to infuse positive energy into what you create so you can turn on your LIGHTHOUSE and magnetize those who have been praying for your guidance.

Maria Fuller

iTunes Top 10 Podcaster and Intuitive Business Strategist

Maria Fuller is the Founder and Thought Leader behind RaisingAPowerfulGirl.com an International education and community platform focused on personal development for tweens and teens. Her work has been featured on Google and Yahoo news, the Rachel Ray show, numerous online publications and she is hosts and produces an iTunes top 10 podcast ranked in Multiple Countries. She has been a coach and mentor for women in Business for over 10 years and  is sought after for her intuitive method of ideation and co-creation as well as toolbox filled with technical knowledge and expertise. She believes the change we wish to see in the world will come from Divine Feminine Energy and is passionate about helping to amplify those voices. 

Maria bring the technical knowledge, implementation and ideation into the creation process to take your energy and ideas and share them with the world

​With Brooke’s intuitive gifts and background in public relations and joint ventures she and Maria will connect the dots for you to create a podcast you love from the inside out. Together they will pre-pave the energy you wish to output into the world while releasing any internal and external blocks so this experience is not only fun but life affirming as well!

​​As a medium, podcasting has already crossed over into the mainstream with consistent and significant listener growth year over year — with an estimated 197-Million people in the USA alone already familiar with podcasts in 2019. Corporations such as Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart Radio and many more are actively investing billions of dollars into their platforms for Podcasts, with innovative new players joining the party every day. As a ​professional with a mission to help others you can't afford to ignore the podcasting industry anymore.

Learn from industry professionals with Experience working with Thought Leaders, High Impact Brands, Light Workers, Healers and Professionals looking to create Massive Positive Impact and Change for the Good of the World.

Learn from a Professional Podcaster who launch and grew a top 10 iTunes podcast in Kids and Family education in less than 2 years without a single marketing dollar spent on ads and leveraged her podcast to connect with some of the top industry professionals in the world.

​Learn how to turn your podcast into a lead generator, and gateway to connecting with top professionals in your industry that you would normally never have access to.

Start your podcast right out the gate with strategy and intention ​created just for you and your personal experience to help you maximize your time and energy to produce and launch a kick-ass podcast!

​Our services are custom tailored to our clients individual needs and may include a combination of Group Mastermind, private coaching with implementation to full podcast strategy and production.

​​Due to the custom and "high touch" nature of our work it is essential that we are a good match to work together to provide you with the highest value and resources to help you on your journey. If interested please fill out out ​the application below for a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session valued at $500.