that the parenting journey is all about educating  children and guiding them and when we see things from this perspective and make room for natural consequences to occur, “discipline” falls from everyday vocabulary and need

errors (mistakes) are opportunities to teach and grow. We don't penalize for admitting mistakes as they are growth opportunities only for failing to participate authentically and admit wrong doings as soon as it happens. This establishes authentic and trustworthy lines of communication

behavior is a product of the environment both internal and external. In order to change behavior we first need to evaluate the child's internal and external environment

girls need to experience freedom with loving boundaries set in place and we expect them to push against them in order to understand where those boundaries are firm

girls need to be pushed and challenged on their “growing edge” to build resiliency

that the more that parents and caretakers learn to manage and acknowledge their own patterns of behavior, self care and personal development, the easier it becomes from them to hold space and patience for their children.

leadership begins at home. When a child is allowed to self lead -  independence, leadership and personal identity natural occurs and is strengthened. The easiest way from parent to lead is by modeling leadership behavior.

Raising A Powerful Girl is Your Essential Resource for Education, Advice

 and Support YOU NEED to Navigate the Challenges, Stages and Emotions on 
the Journey of Raising Girls today while

empowering them to be Independent, Leaders and have a
Strong Self Esteem!

Our approach to teaching and educating keeps these three core values in mind

as a catalyst for change in everything that we do

Open Heart – we empathize and look at problems from all perspectives, including the child's

Open Mind- we come from a place of being open to suspending old habits and behaviors

Open Will – We come from a place of letting go of the old and be open to new and emerging possibilities

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Imagine ​having a daughter who...

  • Independently makes everyday choices from what she wears to doing homework and school projects to researching what colleges to apply for.
  • ​Is a leader and role model in her school and community and is passionate about standing up for what she believes in and speaks up for others.
  • Has a strong sense of personal self and high self worth and bases decisions she makes out of who she knows she is and what is BEST for HER.
  • Models the morals and values that are important to you and your family.
  • Knows that she can do anything that she puts her mind to and sees obstacles, challenges and failures as launch pads to her dreams.
  • Openly communicates with adults about her concerns and her dreams so she can  navigate them.
  • Seeks your advice and support during challenges 
  • Knows that she can change the world.

THIS is Raising a POWERFUL Girl !

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