​Raising the Voices of Everyday Girls

​ Here are Raising a Powerful Girl we are tired that the only time we hear girls voices amplified these days is a result of a tragic situation. We want to amplify the voices of everyday girls so that they know that we are listening and want to hear what they have to say and so the world can see the powerful thoughts, ideas and inspiration in these young girls. 

We wanted to create an experience for girls where they have the opportunity to be asked difficult questions to allow them to self reflect and find the answers from within. Oftentimes, as a society we feel that the only way to educate and empower girls is by telling them what to do or how to behave where what we really need to be doing is create a space that allows them to dig deep and find the answers within themselves because THIS is where really learning and transformation occurs.

Empowerment Experience

​Watch the video below on a common topic many girls are facing and how ONE powerful question asked by our Founder Maria Fuller created a "light-bulb" moment for this young girl who will now look at body image, media and herself very differently from now on. THIS is the power of the work we are doing 1:1 with girls 

​We want to highlight everyday girls and show them and others that they are incredible role models. By teaching girls and allowing them the opportunity to shine in public and be an inspiration to others we teach them to think more about their actions and what they put out into the world. We want girls acting like role models and we want other girls aspiring to be like them and not the celebrities they see on tv or social media. We are giving girls the opportunity to have their voices heard and messages spread globally. 

​We want to highlight the passions of girls especially in athletics. We believe that is is critical for girls to find something that they are passionate about and that sports and athletics provide a space to teach girls self confidence, body love, team work, leadership skills, time management, resiliency, grit and so many more critical life skills not found in the classroom settings. 


Our process consists of a recorded conversation with founder Maria on various topics. Maria provides a safe space that allows girls to voice what they are really feeling, not what they think we want them to say. Maria has an ability to teach girls how to self reflect, dig deep and really get to the core of how they are feeling, where the feelings stem from and begins to teach them how to remove layers of thoughts and concepts placed on us by society. During this time girls realize that they have more control and power over their thoughts and begin to break down and process the messages in media.​ Maria also photographs the girls in a natural environment with clothing and styling selections made by each girl to allow them the opportunity to show the world how they want to be seen.  Not only is the experience powerful but the videos and pictures as a byproduct show the multiple facets of girls, that they are more than just what they wear or what sport they love but a powerful combination of thoughts, ideas, passion and more. The final products reminds girls during tough times about the power from within. We give girls the opportunity to remind themselves how amazing they are, the first step to teaching self love.

​​ ​Experience fee starts at $195​ and there are multiple packages to choose from.

​Interested in Taking Part in this Experience?

​Please ​click below  to fill our our contact form and we will contact you with more information. We typically work with girls ages 12-17 for this project. For Younger Girls please check out our #BuildHerUp Project!