Empowering Girls with Holistic Menstrual Health Education

​De’Nicea  saves uteruses and makes babies as a Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM.) She is known for her multi-faceted perspective of the menstrual cycle that shatters the belief of what has been accepted as “normal” for what is healthy.

You can catch De’Nicea working with women virtually or at her Holistic Reproductive Health clinic or on her podcast, Sisters of Flow. As founder of The Fertility Effect™ and The Fertile Collective™, De’Nicea inspires women seeking holistic methods to support their quest not only for period relief or positive pregnancy test, but for a more aligned and empowered whole Self.

While women have been searching all over for the answers to her questions about her period and fertility health, De’Nicea helps her see that the answers have been within her the whole time. She just needs to know how to access and interpret it.

From this new perspective, she begins to create a life FOR her instead of allowing things to happen TO her, taking a more active role in her healthcare and well-being.

De’Nicea leads women to shift their relationship with their cycle to one of Self-Guided Direction – detecting cues and listening to messages of what her Mind, Body and Spirit are saying she needs.

There are common misconceptions about menstrual cycles where girls and women are taught to accept certain symptoms as "normal" when really they're messages of health - holistically. Providers quickly prescribe birth control which can have major side effects on a growing girl's body and some stay on it for decades after. Or, parents/guardians are unfamiliar with how to help young ladies who begin menstruating, especially if they're nervous to talk about the possibility of pregnancy. Today our listeners will learn what are some of these common misconceptions about the menstrual cycle and what can be done to encourage girls to have a healthy relationship with her cycle. They'll also learn how to begin key steps to beginning to interpret the messages her cycle is telling her about her health and well-being.

It's important that girls become cycle aware and develop a relationship with their cycles. The relationship she develops begins with how she is taught. Girls who know more cycle awareness, grows more confident and her esteem increases. Also, this positions her to set different standards for herself and those she allows in her life.

​For more information on De’Nicea you can find her at www.deniceahilton.com

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