Celebrating Culture, Diversity and Finding Yourself Through Stories

​Meenal Patel is an artist, designer and author based in San Francisco, California. She is inspired by family, childhood wonder, strong women, textures in nature, and her Indian-American heritage. When she’s not making art, she loves reading to her nieces, cooking chana masala, eating ice cream, visiting her home state of Minnesota and being in the beautiful outdoor spaces of California.

Much of my Meenal’s art focuses on representing strong women and girls. She believes that it's critical for women and girls to be surrounded by imagery of strong women – as inspiration for themselves and as reminders of their own strength. Meenal also believes that representation and diversity in art is important especially for kids. Coming out of making her first children’s picture book she felt even more strongly about the importance of diversity and representation in imagery. All children deserve to have exposure to a variety of imagery and stories – ones where they can see themselves reflected and ones where they are exposed to many kinds of people who are different from them. Kids need opportunities to see themselves as heroes, to celebrate what makes them unique and to feel connected to other people.

​For more information on Meenal and her work, you can find her at  www.meenalpatelstudio.com ​