Bee Free a Mindfulness Journey and Story

Jolene Burch is a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of a holistic Alternative Therapy Center for Children, located in Shelton, CT. She published her first children’s book, Bee Free, which is a playful adventure book about mindfulness with exercises that are scientifically proven to calm the nervous system and enhance one’s body/brain connection. The book is dedicated to her daughter and was written for very personal reasons to live a more balanced lifestyle after experiencing early career stress and burnout. She also saw the need for her clients to connect with their children and be more present in a fast-paced world that has so many modern-day distractions. Her mission is to share tools, educate, and support families. Jolene provides nutritional and mindful parenting consulting as well as teaches innovative neuro-developmental techniques to overcome physical and mental roadblocks among all ages. On today’s episode, Jolene talks about her book, her motherhood journey and how incorporating mindfulness and other skills helped her to be more present with her daughter and decreased everyday stress and pressure and so much more.

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