Food as a Coping Mechanism | Feel Amazing in your Body

Amanda Walker's mission is to empower women (mostly mother's) to have the confidence to love, trust and feel amazing in their bodies. Much of the work she does in her group and podcast stems from helping women take a stand for themselves in their health and mind. This is KEY to setting an example for the young women in their own lives.

Amanda is a health coach (and longtime fitness instructor) that teaches women how to take back their power from food and live a full life. So many women use food as a coping mechanism and they have no idea they are. I teach women to empower themselves by overcoming limiting beliefs and truly reconnecting to their bodies.

She loves to talk about the power of putting yourself first so it bleeds into all areas of life. How confidence in self and digging into the root cause of a poor relationship with food and self help create long term change.

The mother/daughter relationship is so powerful to create a future for our daughters. We must set an example for them from a young age so they learn to create the life they crave.




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