Women Who Sail – Empowering Girls in a Male Dominated Sport

It’s far too easy as women (as mothers) to dismiss the power we have. It’s easy to think that our daughters will do what we say and not pay attention to what we do or how we are in the world. When we realize how much they watch us, how much they want to emulate what we DO, it can unleash a desire to ACT in the world in ways we’ve been too timid to before.

Nica Waters lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband and 2 teenagers. A lifelong teacher, she lives her life by the principle “Yes, you can!” and works to inspire others to believe the same. When not on the Chesapeake Bay on her family’s sailboat, she can be found guiding other women sailors on Facebook (Women Who Sail group), instructing other women sailors on the podcast (The Boat Galley Podcast), or generally encouraging people on her website www.Fit2Sail.com . She’s proudest of raising a daughter who sticks up for others and who uses her own voice for change and is an independent thinker and creator. Watch her TEDx Talk here:


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