Developing the emerging leader without losing your mind!

Allexia C. Brewer is a raspberry filled in a box of glazed Krispy Kreme’s. A rebel, provocateur, irritant (just a bit) and all around maverick.  Always paving new paths, crushing the norm and standing FIERCELY in her own authenticity.

She is a masterful online entrepreneur specializing in how to build authentic relationships online and she brings her unique color and flavor to a world filled with gray and redundancy.   She is a career entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. She delights in modeling for others the back to basics approach of how to connect, collaborate and contribute online and offline. She will be releasing a children’s book for young girls set in Greek Mythology. The message of leadership and authenticity will further her message and reach a global audience, along with the book FIERCE, which will be a guide for children of all ages to stepping into exactly who GOD designed you to be.
As a Mother to three girls she understands the challenge of raising spirited, passionate and empowered girls today and shares with us some insight on how to raise a budding leader in your home without losing your mind.


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