Girls Self Esteem Crisis – Social Media and Positive Role Models

Our guest today is Sheri West. Sheri has over 20 years of executive finance and leadership development experience. Her education includes a BA Finance and Masters of Human Resources and Leadership Development from Michigan State University. Ms. West spent 15 years as a finance executive at General Electric Co.,where she was actively involved in the GE Women’s Network as a mentor. Four years ago, she founded LiveGirl to “pay it forward” and prepare the next generation of female leaders.

Research shows that girls are twice as depressed, anxious and stressed out as boys. 7 out of 10 girls feel that they are not enough or don’t measure up in some way, no matter how many achievements they rack up. In the so-called age of girl power, girls are still trying to fit a perfect mold of pleasing others and looking sexy. They are striving for unattainable perfection and avoiding risks.


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LiveGirl has shown sheri how vulnerable today’s girls are as they face adolescent pressures magnified by social media and role overload. LiveGirl’s mission is to empower girls through year-round leadership development and mentorship. Their programs build social emotional intelligence and self-esteem which equip girls to have a positive impact on the world. Specifically, they focus on surrounding their girls with a positive community. They teach girls how to cultivate healthy and positive relationships. They teach them NOT to compare themselves to others, but rather to embrace their quirky, original selves. Live Girl also surrounds girls with positive role models. Their professional mentors  lead our 10-week after school mentoring groups + they feature accomplished female professionals at all of our leadership summits and summer camp. These role models help  girls explore what’s possible and discover their best selves.


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Maria Fuller

Founder | Thought Leader at Raising A Powerful Girl
Maria Fuller is the Founder and Thought Leader behind an online education and community platform that connects professionals from all over the world to parents raising girls to educate and empower them on their parenting journey with the goal of fostering Independence, Leadership and Strong Personal Identity in Girls so they can change the world. Maria is also the founder of the and their online web application for girls called the for Clever, Creative and Inquisitive Girls which focuses on the 6 tenets of Mindfulness, Gratitude, Purpose, Mindset, Relationships, and Humanitarianism. Her work has been featured on Google and Yahoo news, the Rachel Ray show, numerous online publications and she is a contributing writer for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.

Maria Graduated from Stony Brook University Medical Center with a BS in Health Science, minor in Emergency and Disaster Management and concentration in Women Studies. She holds a Certificate from MIT in Leadership in Times of Disruption and A Certificate in The Science of Parenting from UC SanDiego. She worked as a critical care paramedic for years until a permanent injury on the job caused her to change her life direction with work but not without first teaching her of the importance of Independence, Leadership and Personal Identity which are the foundations of her work.

She is a mom to two little girls and has spent nearly a decade working with women of all ages to help shed unhealthy beliefs and breakdown stereotypes surrounding pregnancy, motherhood, body image, self-esteem, parenting, women in leadership and much more. Maria is a frequent speaker and presenter on women’s leadership, girls empowerment and the role social media and technology plays on girls self-esteem, confidence, and brain health.